Coach Bus Tales

The aisle is long, almost like a runway. Carpeted floors and seats take over. From the outside it looks like any other coach bus. As it takes off through the highway, the large vehicle overpowers the rest on the freeway. Those outside try to get a glance of the people on the bus, however the tinted windows reveal nothing to the outside world. No one can see inside. What they fail to realize is that the inside is the most interesting. As you walk in, people are scattered throughout the bus. Some in pairs, some alone, students and elderly, children and their mothers. Where to sit? A window view or the aisle? By the window, you can see the outside world in a fast pace.

The trees fly by as the bus speeds off. The sun seems to race with us, as if there’s an imaginary finish line approaching. Life passes by and in a glimpse, the scenery changes in front of your eyes. However, nothing changes inside the bus. Everything is as it was the moment we walked on. Strangers all combined into one area, each with a different route. In the front, there’s an elderly woman in a blue coat. She’s fragile and alone, yet her smile hides it all. On the right, there are two young boys. Headphones in their ears, they seem to block the entire world out with iPods at hand. Directly behind them, there’s a man pulling his laptop out of his bag along with a numerous amount of papers. He has a dark beard and glasses. He looks determined as if he has a big assignment or deadline to fulfill. To the left, there is a student looking out the window. She takes in the environment and doesn’t blink not once. The older woman next to her talks on her cellphone. She has a flowery perfume on, not too hash but not too sweet. She has a typical city accent, with the emphasis of the letter O in every sentence. “I’m on my way Betsy. I think I should be getting there like 11….Yeah….Oh, it’s fine. What time did you get back from work?….Oh, did he say anything?…It’s crazy, I’m hoping to catch up with them hopefully…Yes, I went to buy it today, they didn’t have the type so I put it on reserve.” Her voice wasn’t too loud or too soft as she continued her conversation. Her neck gleamed with jewelry and she constantly kept checking her nails, as if she were almost inspecting them.

The aisle of the bus was empty with an occasional foot stretched out or a person leaning over to check out the front of the bus. The temperature was calm, with a little breeze coming from the vents of certain seats. The bus was mainly quiet as people began to nod off to sleep. A glance over and you could see a young girl stretched out in her seat, leaning her head on her sweater. Next to her, a man leaning his head back, eyes closed, and his hands folded across his lap. Amongst the quiet tone of the bus, laughter streamed from the back. A man and woman seemed to be telling a story about themselves. The man had on a large husky beige coat. He was bald and had a unique charm about him. The woman next to him had on a sweater covering her body like a blanket. Her hair was pulled back with a white headband and she had a small pillow by her head. The woman laughed “You’re such a fool! I probably would have done the same thing as you”. The man replied “It’s hard times out there, you need something, you gotta go get it”. The woman nodded her head in agreement and asked “So what are your plans? Are you visiting home or going back for business?” “Uh, just visiting my folks for a few days before I get too serious in work. It’s the only free time I’ve had in a while. And yourself?” The woman nodded again. “Same”. It seemed as though the man and woman had just recently met and were simply making conversation on the long trip home.

As the time began to pass, it began to get darker and quieter as people began drifting off into sleep. The window view is nothing compared to before. This time, all that can be seen is darkness. No details, just complete darkness. A glance back and the couple stopped talking. The woman was now leaning on the window half asleep while the man seemed to be focused on his cellphone as if he were playing a game or checking an important email. A glance up the aisle, and the woman on the cellphone had stopped. She had her arms folded and her head was tilted to the side. Everyone seemed to be drifting into a peaceful sleep. The bus running smoothly, became a cradle for the countless individuals. Each person seemed to appreciate the quiet, content environment where rest was the main goal for everyone. Each person coming from a different background, a different story, different motives and destinations, come together as one on this coach bus. Each person may be different and have different routes to take once the bus departs and leaves them at the bus station. However, they each share a bond; a moment in time where they were on the same road at the same time, heading for the same destination.


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