Wonder Woman

If I had a daughter, I would enclose her in my arms with a lock of warmth from this cold world.

I would tell her be prepared because the trenches of war and heartbreak are yet to come.

She would hear of my stories, the ones where my palms could not hold the lashes of negativity. The lessons, the morals. She would hear them all.

But she will never understand the pain. Till she takes that step into the valley of corruption. Till she realizes no matter how much she fights, she will never reach anywhere.  Till she realizes that each step she takes will be rewarded with a kick.

A kick of power overshadowing her every move. A punch of violence upon her face. A slap of truth, that she will never be wonder woman.

Wonder woman’s cape is not all flowers and rain. She too, was limited from the night sky.

If I had a daughter, I would tell her each and everyday that life will never be kind to her.

I would warn her of the perfect images she will have to perfect herself into. Her baby face, angelic light. That will not be accepted as years go by.

And I will tell her that one day she will meet someone, and feel she has the world.

I will tell her that she will become a slave for her family. And that for the rest of her life she will be condemned. With a vagina,  Nothing is Possible..

I would tell her to stop watching those stupid Disney movies and start picking up a newspaper. Because the harsh reality of our world will never be found in an hour-long Princess skit.

I would tell her that she must remain strong. The weak never get through, instead they are stuck in limbo.

I would remind her each and everyday that no matter how hard she pushes, she will be condemned to her four walls. She will cry tears of pain but no one will hear it.

I would remind her that her every move is watched. That she will always be in a never-ending cycle of abuses. She will remain a victim whose cries are not heard in any sound bites in this world. Restless to societies prisons.

I would remind her every moment that the ice, cold world will wrap around her soul. It will drain every ounce of her innocence. her wisdom. It will grab, punch, rape, hit and surround her with every ounce of bullshit convincing her that she is succeeding.

If I had a daughter I would tell her that being strong will do nothing for her.

Because being a woman, is a crime, a label, a hardship, that we are all condemned to.

It will follow you, my dear. And no matter how much you fight, how much words you give, how much odds you defy, how many lives you change, how many hearts you light, how many times you heal a soul..

You will never make it anywhere. Let’s face it, you will be a woman.

And wonder woman can fly all she wants, but her cape will always pull her back. 


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  1. That’s a lot of pain and frustration to transfer..

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