Take me back

Take me back to the carefree days, 

when my words didn’t get me in trouble

Where simplicity was an every day practice and where people had more on their mind than just money and fame. Where happiness became something of a routine not a one time category to check off my checklist for that week. Where spontaneity was just perfect and laughter was complete.

When times were just good enough, not perfect and not disastrous. And the people around me were filled with adventure. 

Take me back to those days where anyone could catch their falling dreams and turn it into success. A place where family was everything, and people actually loved their jobs. Where burden was considered those dishes you left in the sink a week ago. Where technology was limited to a cassette player and Saturday morning cartoons. 

Where the biggest dilemma was which boy band you liked the most. And where your parents had retro haircuts and were always whipping out the video camera to catch you doing something embarrassing for Americas Funniest Videos. 

Take me back to those days of complete happiness, for after a while they may only seem like a fading dream. 


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