Love for the vulnerable.

You said those words and I was swayed.  At a time where I eager for love. You took my mind and graced it with feeling. At a moment where vulnerabilities drowned by skin. You gave me happiness. At the last straw of ambition. You said so much. I will always remember.  

And although I’ve yearned to change my path. The calendar days remain the same. 

I could sit and dwell each day about how much I’ve changed since you came my way. But that would be too easy. Life is never easy as one may have learned

Instead I face the demons circle and wait for the moment where your words do not utter my ear as they did when I lay next to you. I stand so tall and brace your cold shoulder as my own. 

For regardless of these ending days and lost feelings between a distant pair. I yearn to find that feeling again. Of days so kind and no jealous fools. To live in my den of past mistakes, and not feel like an intruder. 

Wait. For the beating bells to ring my name once more. 

But instead I find one who is eager for love just as I did. And the love I will give him. 



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