Dear Solitude,

When the going gets rough I know I can call you, You’ll be there. No doubt. 

But when things get good, I won’t look for you. Cause’ you’ll be long gone. 

It’s taken me years to understand your emotional escape. The reasons why you become the most impossible to deal with. The reason why at times you may seem bipolar when you’re simply just afraid. 

Afraid..of Happiness. Afraid that for one second in your life, for one perfect second nothing can harm you. Nothing can break through this barrier you’ve enclosed yourself in. Nothing..

They say the happiest people are the saddest. True. 

You hide behind a smile and escape into a world of lies. But no one ever knows what’s going on.

You keep it like that. Because in your mind no one would give a damn if you were lost tomorrow.

But I stand here solid and full with hope for you and crave that one thing you’ve longed for. To be heard.

I know why you hide behind your feelings like a cage, like an animal waiting to be set free.

But freedom is far, so you continue with your day as if nothing has made its way through your veins. 

And if I could pour out your soul I would find pain and sadness.

No one would know of course, because your soul has yet to be poured out. 

One day…one day you’ll let it go.


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