Live Life like a Deck of Cards

Life is funny. 

One second you’re at your highest moment, the next you feel defeated. 

Emotions displaced like snow, melting away only to return again in a week. 

I’ve learned about my eager heart these days then ever before. 

And all I want to do is be left alone to think. To understand. To comprehend.

But life can never deal you the same jack of spades, there’s always a chance the card will change

As for me, the cards have changed but I’m still stuck on how to accept. 

How to accept that what I know and feel must change. How to accept that for the first time I must learn to see past what I’ve positioned my mind to see. 

You look back and wonder how you became this person in the first place. How did this mind, beautiful in all that it holds, become you? And you wonder when this next epiphany will happen.

Life is pretty cool I might say. On one end I’ve learned that these everlasting days of thinking flourish into the impossible. I may be a small part of this universe, a spectrum of the infinite

But my mind, my heart, my soul contains all that this world could offer. It holds all that I need. That which is within myself.

So take a chance on life’s silly adventures. Laugh. Stop worrying how the world sees you. And take that next breath into the unknown. Live life like a deck of cards.


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