Inspirational Moment of the Day

Breathe. Take the air in. Live abundantly. 

We argue with the ones we love just because we miss them and don’t want to let go. 

Cherish each difference you have with them. Think of them in your daily adventures.

Live those moments you least expect. Talk to strangers. Get lost in this fast paced city and don’t look back. 

Most importantly never regret. 

For life takes us on a roller coaster of moments, feelings, ups and downs. But if the roller coaster stopped, wouldn’t you want to hop back on? 

Remember and stay loyal to those who have reached their hands to guide you in this crazy mess of a world.

Don’t forget those who have scarred you or caused you pain, simply give them no importance. Don’t forget because those experiences would not have made you the person you are today.

Smile. Even when it seems as though the day has gone dreary. Cherish those couple of hours before the dawn comes. 

Stay up late. Dance in the street. Sing in the shower. Eat your favorite foods. Love your body. Take a mental picture of your view outside. Give thanks to all around. 

And most importantly, Be yourself. 

Whether you move on to new experiences  new states, or new challenges; always remain who you are. We are unique human beings in the notion that none of us can ever be alike, no matter how we try to imitate what we see. 

We are beautiful creatures, filled with passion, ambition and a love for everything that life has to offer. 

Breathe. Take it in. Live life abundantly. 


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