A religion of praying

Of all I could remember as a kid, politics and religion were always the hot topic conversations in my household. I usually ignored the political talk.

But religion had always caught my interest. To believe in something always caught my interest.

I grew up in the midst of two of the world’s most popular religions: Christianity and Islam.

While my whole life I endured the sayings like “You cannot believe in two religions”, I always wondered what those people would say if they grew up learning about both. In fact, both religions share such similarities you would think they were written for the same God.

At the age of 21, I have finally come into context with my religion; my spirituality.

And it was not a mere waking up one morning and praying but instead years and years of exposure to all that religion has offered. I did all the searching.

From attending church with my mother as a child. The women covering their heads as they entered the iglesias on the corner of Parkchester. To growing up reading the words of the Quran. Entering the mosque at sunset to feast in the Ramadan dinner. To even getting my confirmation and celebrating the holiday of Eid the next day. I’ve had more exposure to religion than the average person can say they have had.

However, at the age of 21, I have finally come into my skin. I do not believe in religion. I do not believe in the institutional boundaries and spiritual leaders who insist that I must believe and pray the way they require me to do so. I do not believe in confessing my sins to a stranger who has probably racked up sins on himself. I do not believe in bowing down to any person, nonetheless a man who will tell me how I must act according to a book.

I do not believe in religion.

But I do believe in God.

I believe that in my most hardest of times, I’ve prayed to God or something up there in the heavens whatever it may be. I pray to ask for help, for guidance, for strength. And while roads have been tough, I have never been let down.

I believe in God. I believe that there is someone following me, supporting me, helping me. I believe in the signs put forth in each of our lives as something to awaken our thoughts. I believe that my spirituality stems deep in the trenches of my soul and that God is there allowing me to run with my spirit.

I pray and I show gratitude for all that I have. I help others as much as I can and I never forget my walks in this life. I don’t go to church or a mosque. I do not carry a Quran or keep a bible on my night stand. However, if there is anyone who believes in God, it is me.

So when you ask me what is my religion. I simply answer: I’m a spiritualist, a dreamer, a prayer, a leader. I’m an optimist, caretaker, livid believer.

And I simply believe in a God somewhere above these horizons of clouds and all that floats in the air. I believe in God is my answer. A religion of praying.

the Spiritualist Soul.


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