It is mysterious the way the stars light up the night sky.

And how you always manage to stay on my mind.

I could contemplate all the words that would pour out of my mouth but to place these words in the palms of your heart would be disastrous.

We yearn to know each other like the pages of a book, streaming with longevity  I am eager to read your next chapter.

But as I await your page turning, the clock strikes neverending with the glimpse of a future that has no sign of you in it.

Our souls, different in all the mirrors they reflect, part their ways like a sudden split in the road. Highways that await the merge at the tip of realization only to bear the damage.

We speak words of lust filled with wants and needs, yet never come face to face to the endless truths that float through our misty air yearning for their story to be told.

I await your glance, to know that what was once envisioned in my mind still exists. That what was once an entity of passion and lust is not just another false depiction of a realization that you can never glance at me again.

To know that however more I try to envision your hands connecting to mine, that it will continue to be a hallucination in my mind.

Because while I had you enclosed in my palms, you were not mine for taking.

So I let go. Let go of all the candid laughters, and walks through the parks envisioning what the world has left to offer us. The moments we swore would accompany us are now left lost in the midst of a spring fog, only to disappear after its job is done.

And within seconds the mystery is lost. And the stars no longer appear to haunt me as I walk on by.



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