True Family

The amazing feeling of accomplishment. I’ve felt it more than ever as I’ve matured into this body of woman. I feel my fingertips touching every to-do list and want-tos I’ve ever laid out on paper.

Family. They have given me the canvas and brushes, I found the paint and made masterpieces of my own.

I have been more than fortunate to have a supporting family by my side. While they may not be perfect and at times I say they are broken; it stems from a movie-picture perfect idea I’ve had my entire life.

My whole life I was surrounded by a picture perfect family. My mother, father, and brother. And of course a token pet. We were inseparable and perfect. From game nights on Thursdays to vacations to Maine on my father’s boat, I had it good. People always said we were a vision of the true meaning of family.

But at the age of sixteen I pronounced my rebel year; my family fell apart. It was at this time that my mother and father got a divorce and secrets of my father’s past came up to surface. My older brother became distant with his work and adult issues, my mother became depressed and a single-mother workaholic, and my father was forced to leave our home and became distant all together.

Then there was me. A sixteen-year old girl lost in a world that was changing ever so sudden. Everything I had known had changed. I no longer walked into a home of dinner on the dining table and my family cradled around the feast. Dinners became take-out and game nights were a thing of the past. My mother would lock herself in her room, my brother would work full time everyday and my father would ignore his call.

Again, then there was me. A lost teenager in the midst of her falling apart family.

I trusted my friends and peers to aid me out the situation, although at times they were the ones who corrupted me the most.

I had no idea how much my family meant to me, I lost all the importance they had given me in my life.

Then, I went away to college. It was a moment for me to escape all that I had felt in my home. A home that had stayed the same from the moment I was born; we had never moved from our little neighborhood. It was a chance for me to start a new beginning and to learn about myself.

True meaning of family. I learned it more than ever that my family was not perfect before; it was more so a cover up, a gloss that had been placed on the troubles we experienced.

I realize now, however, that my family is perfect in all ways. My mother has gone back to college to pursue her dream of a Masters degree, my father has gotten a job with architecture, my brother has managed to travel to every continent and hit the six wonders of the world in the last two years.

They are perfect in more ways than one. They have set examples of success for me to follow and have showed me that although we have had our troubles, we remain a family.

Now at the age of 21, I can return back home to find my father sitting at the dining table sipping his daily Arabic coffee, my mother cooking in the kitchen and complaining about the new political agenda in the white house. I can see my brother showing us videos of his trips and talking about his new job. I can see everything that my family has become, and I am proud.

So when people ask me where I get all my ambition, all my strength, my positive attitude and my love for life, I blame it on my family. I blame them for allowing me to be the best person I can be, for giving me the best opportunities, and for continuing to believe in my crazy dreams.

So as I enter my last year of college, I thank this experience for allowing me to grow up and appreciate the family I have supporting me. I can’t wait to walk on that podium and glance back at the people who have made me the woman I am today, my support team and my best friends.

That is true family. It may be broken at times but it is nevertheless, beautiful.


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