Pen and Paper

When did work become a burden?

I had always thought of work as a means of value, as a piece of your life that allows you to accomplish something greater than what you have allowed yourself to do.

So if work is supposed to be a goal-oriented, why do the big city streets look so depressing?

People wake up every morning in disgust with their daily routine only to have to repeat it for the rest of their lives.

I want to work in a career that I love. And writing is the only thing that brings me comfort.

That is why I strayed far from the typical majors and careers. No science wiz or psychologist over here. I chose something that ignites my fire whenever I sit in a classroom.

Journalism has done that for me.

And while there may not be any promise of a job tomorrow and I most likely wont be a CEO of a company, I’ve learned that I chose a field that would hopefully allow me to wake up every morning with a smile.

Don’t get me wrong there will be rough times, as any college graduate would say but I wouldn’t mind going through those hardships if I knew that the effort would go to my pen and paper.

I don’t want any fancy desk job or a full page magazine spread in a fashion magazine.

All I ask is to see my name in a paper with a story that touched lives. A story that gave someone hope. A story that perhaps shed light on someone who often is blind to all around.

I want to do what I love doing each and every day.

My pen and paper, I thank you.

And one day I hope to put you to paint and release.



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