Grateful Words

In our daily routines of this so called life, it’s common to hear all about peoples problems. 

Hear about the challenges and mishappenings; the emotions of fear and jealousy. 

We hear of all the people with their heads clouded of thoughts and worries, regrets and mistakes. 

I use to be one of those. The complainer, the pessimist, the selfish. As if I was asleep practically my whole life as the world continued to pass by. 

Then I woke up. 

As humans, we have been given treasures beyond the green papers in our wallets. The green grounds are awaiting our touch. We have the ultimate powers, to sing and dance, and make beauty of all around us. 

I love my life because I have so much around me. And while troubles haunt my mind, and worries take a toll at times, I sit back and think of all that I have compared to others. 

And I see where I am now compared to that person I was back then. And how I love everything around me from the way the rain hits the ground, to the clouds that cover the warmth of the sky. I love myself. I love the way I always find the positive things in life. I love the way I can smile without even trying, without even thinking. I love the way I look up at the sky as I walk outside, as if to take in the suns natural love. 

And then I think of all the power that is held in my hands. All that I could do with my love for all around me. 

I want to help others. I want to show others the right path. I almost want to fix people. However, you cant fix people. You have to take the person they are, take all their weaknesses and hard spots, take it and run with it. Love it. Beautify it. Cherish it. 

That’s the beauty of life. We have all the opportunities in life if we just look out the window. If we just take a step out of our own problems and worries, and appreciate what lies in front of us. 




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