To my future lover

Excuse me in advance if I don’t refer to you as baby, 

see my lips and tongue will only utter words that reflect the way I feel about you. 

Forgive me if i hold onto your arm for too long. I just want to be beside you like a helpless child. Just be close to me for this moment before we part our separate ways. 

I apologize in advance for my constant long staring. I just adore the way your eyes glisten when you speak of your passions. Your soul illuminated in the depths of your pupils. 

Please allow me to explain why I can’t seem to get out of your tshirt. Your smell sticks on me like a magnet of lust that I can never get rid of no matter how many showers I take. 

To my future lover, whoever you may be, I warn you ahead of time that I will make a bucket list of adventures for us to take. Faraway places where we can just journey off to and forget the world for a bit. 

I have to admit that I can’t help smile when I’m around you and even on my worst of days I can just read a text and laugh my life away. 

I want you to know that I can’t wait to play footsies or wrestle in our enormous bed as we pretend its a Sunday morning and we have no work to do. Nothing but lay in this big bed of wonders. 

Future lover, whoever you may be. You are handsome. I know you may not here this often but you are amazing. Really. And I hope I can complement your amazingness like a puzzle piece. With our hands simply stuck together. 




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