Dear Loner, 

Are you lonely? Are you sad? Then why do you take refuge in your own closet-like ideas of the world…

Loner, you drift into this place elsewhere; filled with your nonsense and clouds of thoughts always elongating and parted like the streets we all roam on. 

They say that the loneliest of hearts wander into places unheard of and moments no one ever sees. Like loners have this unique tunnel vision or a mind like no other. 

We are those deep-hearted folk, who adventure off into another spectrum of our so called lives. We take deep breaths and glance at the horizons. We stop and think for a moment about everything; from the way the wind hits the trees in the perfect degree or the way the man in the suit looks at the girl sitting next to him on the train. 

Loners are not lonely. Loners are those individuals who need to take a break from the rush of life just to sit back and think. We are those people, who at times, would prefer to be alone than in a room full of people. Loners drift into this life elsewhere for the moment where no one can tarnish your thoughts. 

In some ways, everyone is a loner at some point in their lives. It’s a period rather than a process and it comes and goes with change. 

Regardless, the feeling of having that moment where you are in complete happiness in your solitude that is uplifting and disastrous at the same time; where spontaneity and fear become a norm and where life seems to pause for that moment.

Everyone is a loner, until they meet someone who they don’t mind sharing their loner hearts with. Be it a partner, friend, or even a pet dog,

Eventually, the loner gives up the job. 


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