New Years

Of all the memories I had with my older brother as a kid, one of the most memorable was sitting with him talking about the best moments of our year. The conversation would start off with what are your top moments and what were the worst? We would sit, at late night hours, chatting it up past our bedtimes about our year and how we hoped the next would be better. The answers would vary but we would both come to the same conclusion. We would start the next year off on a better note.

I fast forward to my grown up self and I seem to carry those same new year talks in my head. And while I haven’t really sat down with my brother like I used to, our talks run through my mind as I sit and wander off on my year’s adventures.

So while it’s only October, I feel like I’m on the mood to sum up my year in words.


2013 has brought me more than just journeys and achievements, but my ability to learn true happiness. I entered 2013 as a junior in college, a new proud sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., a new traveler to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal, an intern at the Legislative Gazette newspaper in Albany, a new Housing Manager at the University Apartments, and a purple and gold Ambassador representing my university at events.

While I had my luck of internships and travels, it was my new found self of completeness and love that truly has made 2013 a blessing in disguise.

I’ve learned more than anything of my love for all that I am and all that I can be. I have let go of the doubt and negativity in order to truly embrace all that my heart holds.

I’ve been blessed.

It’s a statement that holds dear to my heart. Take away religion or ideology. I am just a person who believes in happiness in all that you do. And I was only able to achieve that this year.

It took putting away all those grudges I had over past situations and regrets. It took me falling in love with the person I am without relying on another person to tell me. It took me falling back into the family that raised me into this person. It was this year, above all the rest that has truly shaped me into the woman I know I will become in the future

Years fly by. When you celebrate New Years Eve, whether it is at a ravish party, at Times Square, or like me, sitting at home with my family and a glass of champagne by my side; you notice how fast the years go by. You notice things when you are older that you didn’t notice as a kid.

Like how your parents have gotten older over the years and how they rely on you as their Guardian and guider. Or how you’d rather spend the night of New Years with your old school high school friends than at a crazy party. And how fireworks seem to look less exciting when you get to your 20s.

But something about the way that years always go by, endlessly; without permission and swiftly. And even then, they seem to be beautiful in all that they are.

So I reach back to my inner child, the one who would sit on the coach with her brother and contemplate on all the new year has in store. And I wonder what next year brings; of all it brings, I hope it’s even more happiness then I have achieved thus far.

Blessed scholarly martyr


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