Temporary Battles

Something I’ve learned in the span of my awkward teenage years into adulthood.

Each and everyone of us: Rich or Poor, Black or White, Happy or Sad.

Everyone of us has a battle, a hidden secret that lies in the midst of our deepest fears.

We each struggle with our own never-ending complications, when our minds run and our thoughts seem to go on to another lifetime.

The problem, is that we fail to realize that each of us have a certain battle to overcome that we don’t publicize to the world. Well, unless you are a reality tv star who airs out their problems. Even then there is a part of our human nature that people often do not see.

It is those moments when silence becomes a virtue and music becomes a savior as you put your mind together to understand what you are battling.

Some of us can’t explain our battles. They are located deep in our minds and at times, they are the gut feeling you have throughout the day. They come in the form of sadness; those weird moments when you can’t figure out why you are sad, although everything around you seems perfect.

The issue with our personal struggles is that the moment we tell others about our battles, we feel judged, naked, stripped, and even more alone than before.

So the point of this is that you, among the countless others, will mold yourself into the people you set out to be. It is by picking each of your battles on your own, that you face the determined-being that you have always wanted to be.

Remember: Everything is temporary.

You think to yourself, in years to come you will have new battles, that won’t seem as tedious or disastrous as the ones you have now. But you will have battles. It is in our human nature, to over-think the simplicity in our lives. Our worries and doubts plague us like diseases at times.

But it is the person who moves on from those struggles that is eventually set free.

Because life will throw you curveballs and at times you may feel, that this moment, right here, is possibly the worst feeling of them all.
Wake up, breathe, and let is pass.

Because the you that is awaiting can’t hold on to these strenuous battles.

You must break free and perhaps one day, you will share battles of your own with the people who love you the most. And it won’t seem as though you are holding the world on your shoulders.

Stay positive. Stay happy. And live.

Battles are only temporary.


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